banana-drink-for-extreme-rapid-weight-loss DIET & WEIGHT LOSS

Powerful Banana Drink For Extreme Weight Loss

If your goal is losing weight, you’ve come to the right place. We won’t promise a six-pack in few hours, but we can guarantee expert advice and important tips for losing weight quickly, but in healthily and sustainably manner. Below is a potent banana drink for an extreme fat burn, to help you in melting […]

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10-Foods-To-Eat-If-You-Need-To-Poop HEALTHY

10 Foods To Eat If You Need To Poop

Many of us are getting affected by constipation. The common reason for constipation is reduced food transmission through the gut. Of course, there are some additional causes like body activity, age, and a lack of fiber intake. There are many supplements that will stimulate you to poop, like stool softeners, fiber pills, and laxatives. We […]

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foods-that-cause-mucus-in-body HEALTHY

7 Foods That Cause Mucus In Your Body

What is mucus? Mucus is that disturbing sticky material which makes the nose feel blocked. On the other hand, phlegm is similar to mucus – but it is made in your lungs. Mucus is nesting in the nose and it triggers some harmful conditions like sinusitis, waking up with crusty eyes or a puffy face. Certain […]

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