Cut 3 Lemons And Place Them In Your Bedroom, Find Out Why

October 18, 2019

The negative environmental energy changes in any house and affects people’s health, their relationships, and prosperity. We were taught to believe just in those things that we could only understand. That’s because the human mind doesn’t want to accept any rituals and remedies which are against their logic. Today, we are going to share with you something that perhaps several people believe in.

Hard to believe but, lemon is the most extensive food for relieving the bad energy and restore harmony. The lemon’s unique aroma is perfect for the areas where we spend most of our time. This fruit removes the negativity from the surroundings around us. Just grab a few lemons and will show how lemons suppress the negativity in our surroundings.

Methods Of Applying the Neutralizing Effects From Lemons

  • Put 3 lemons in different rooms in your house, put them away from your moving and just replace them when they become yellowish or black
  • Fill in a ceramic pot with 9 lemons and then put it in the fridge. Put 8 lemons in a circle and one in the center for wealth.
  • You can boil the peeled lemon skin in rainwater and used lemon as a talisman as well. It’s going to absorb the negative waves around yourself.
  • Put three lemons in your purse or on the working desk while at work.
  • To suppress the bad energy, combine water and lemon juice in a bottle spray, and spray this mix all over the house in each corner.
  • Put 3 lemons in a bowl on the night table for more concupiscence.

Moreover, to get rid of all the negative surroundings, cut one lemon on 4 pieces and make a cross on the plate. Make a circle of salt around lemon pieces in the dish and put the dish under the bed overnight.

You shouldn’t move the dish in the morning, simply put the lemons in some plastic bag and throw it away. Repeat this method for three straight days and you are going to feel the positive effects.

Put one yellow lemon in your pocket, purse or in your jacket. Get it out during at night and observe it how it will become dry. The next morning, throw it away and do the same practice with another one.


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